How do we talk about diabetes to patients who have been managing this condition for a long time? How do we design an educational platform that will actually be used? 

The team: Franscesca Allen, Joanna Choukeir, Ashley Evans, Hannah Pinnock, Dima Boulad. 

Building an educational platform for diabetics

During my residency at Uscreates, I worked on a project for Diabetes UK. We had the task to design an educational platform for patients to better manage their condition.
As soon as we received the brief and met with the client, we started by identifying the different profiles of the people that would help co-design with us. We designed an experience of a two hour workshop, using different stations, and then some time for a peace café conversation. We designed some stations to learn about what tone to use, about the struggles of dealing with being diabetic, where they usually go for support, and their daily thoughts on the issue.